Play Center Visual Supports: IEP Goals


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Support students in unstructured play time and increase student independence, language, and social skills. 

This resource will support students with play-related IEP goals. This resource targets specific language related to each play skill, making it a great resource for special education and speech therapy.

These play visuals will give you specific skills to teach and take data on when focusing on play skills and IEP goals.



Allow the student to choose a visual to target a specific skill with each activity.

Show the student the 4 steps to complete the structured activity in order.



Each play instruction includes 2 levels



Level 1: Students will move the Velcro pieces to the number to complete the task analysis.

Level 2: Students can cut and paste the worksheet for the steps to review after completing the activity during leisure time.


66 Play Skills:

  1. I can use playdough.
  2. I can make a snake.
  3. I can make a cookie
  4. I can build a potato toy.
  5. I can build a happy face.
  6. I can build a silly face.
  7. I can play with magnetic tiles.
  8. I can build a house.
  9. I can build a tower.
  10. I can play with blocks.
  11. I can build a house.
  12. I can build a tower.
  13. I can have a tea party.
  14. I can have a tea party with dolls.
  15. I can have a tea party with bears.
  16. I can play with a doll house.
  17. I can set up a bedroom.
  18. I can set up a living room.
  19. I can play a doctor.
  20. I can listen to the heart.
  21. I can check the ears.
  22. I can play with farm toys.
  23. I can sort the animals.
  24. I can play feed the animals.
  25. I can play with sand.
  26. I can make shapes.
  27. I can scoop the sand.
  28. I can play with plastic bricks.
  29. I can build a house.
  30. I can build a tower.
  31. I can play with toy cars.
  32. I can sort the toy cars.
  33. I can race the toy cars.
  34. I can play with toy trains.
  35. I can build a long train.
  36. I can race the toy trains.
  37. I can play with dolls.
  38. I can dress the dolls.
  39. I can feed the dolls.
  40. I can play camping.
  41. I can build a tent.
  42. I can make a smore.
  43. I can play grocery store.
  44. I can go shopping.
  45. I can be a cashier.
  46. I can play with ice cream.
  47. I can scoop ice cream.
  48. I can make a sundae.
  49. I can play with water.
  50. I can pour the water.
  51. I can splash the water.
  52. I can play with sensory bins.
  53. I can sort objects.
  54. I can scoop objects.
  55. I can play with bubbles.
  56. I can blow big bubbles.
  57. I can pop bubbles.
  58. I can play clean up.
  59. I can play with a broom.
  60. I can play with a mop.
  61. I can play with instruments.
  62. I can play a maraca.
  63. I can play a guitar.
  64. I can color.
  65. I can color a rainbow.
  66. I can color a happy face.



Includes 5 editable cut & paste templates + 2 data sheets!




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